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Hit by a Company Vehicle? Here’s What You Can Do. 

All car accidents – even those that don’t cause injuries or property damage – cause stress. But car accidents that involve vehicles owned by corporations (also known as company cars...
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Emotional Distress After a Car Accident in Alabama 

Traffic accidents are common events in Alabama. According to Drive Safe Alabama, in 2019, an auto accident occurred every three minutes. Sadly, these car crashes and trucking accidents often cause...
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7 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Deny Accident Claims

In a perfect world, people injured in car accidents would be able to do nothing more than rest and focus on healing. But in the real world, injured people must...
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Hit-and-Run Accidents in Alabama: A Guide

Accidents are upsetting. With most accidents, the injured person gains some comfort from knowing that they can pursue legal action against the other driver and his insurance company. But in...
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5 Types of Car Crashes (And How to Avoid Them).

Every car accident is unique for those involved. Yet, experts group accidents into categories based on many factors, including the cause of the accident, the location, and the type of...
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Alabama Wrongful Death Claims

Crash fatalities are common in Alabama. In 2019 – the most recent year for which numbers are available – 930 Alabamans died in car crashes. While this number may not...
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Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Summer is traditionally the time to hit the road in search of fun and adventure, and this summer will be no exception. A recent survey found that more than 70...
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Types of Car Crash Injuries – And How to Prevent Them

Car crashes are serious events. While we often focus – rightly so – on fatal car accidents, accidents also cause life-threatening injuries. In 2020, crashes caused nearly 5 million injuries...
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Alabama Personal Injury Settlements: A Guide

In movies and television shows, the legal process works something like this: a person hires an attorney and files a lawsuit. Almost immediately after the lawsuit is filed, the parties...
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