About Us

About Us

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Your Personal Injury Attorney in Birmingham, AL

Collins Law, LLC was founded on the principle that every person who experiences a personal injustice deserves to be heard. Furthermore, justice can only be served when reparations are made after one individual’s reckless or careless behavior harms another. It is only then that true healing can begin and a victim can get on with their life. What is our role in this? As your personal injury attorney in Birmingham, AL, we ensure that justice is served through appropriate legal compensation.

Whether you experience financial, physical, or emotional loss, we hold those accountable for causing you pain & suffering. More importantly, we help you put a monetary value on your loss so that you can receive fair compensation under Alabama law. That is what we are about. That is how we can best help our clients.

Our Values

We understand that case success and client satisfaction go hand-in-hand. As such, we are committed to achieving both with every case we take on. What are our values?

  • To treat each of our clients with the highest level of dignity and respect
  • To keep our commitments and only do the work that we can commit to
  • To run our firm with absolute integrity and honesty in all areas of our profession
  • To demonstrate sincere empathy and care during this difficult time in a client’s life
  • To provide the highest level of legal expertise and service that our client deserves

In addition, it is our policy to always be straightforward with our clients. We will always act and speak with your best interest in mind.

How to Get Started with Your Case

If you are ready to move forward with your personal injury claim, contact Collins Law today. Feel free to call us at 205-588-1411. A personal injury attorney in Birmingham, AL can discuss your accident, answer your questions, and tell you how to get started. We take on a wide range of personal injury cases in Birmingham and across Alabama.