Taxi and Rideshare Accidents in Alabama: What You Should Know with an Alabama Accident Attorney

Many of us rely on taxis or rideshare services like Uber and Lyft to go about our daily lives. Ridesharing can be economical and safe to get from place to place. But what happens when the taxi or Uber you’re riding in gets into an accident? And what should you do if a taxi or rideshare vehicle crashes into you? 

If your taxi, Uber, or Lyft gets into an accident during your ride, you have legal rights. You also have rights if a taxi or rideshare vehicle crashes into you or your car. This article offers helpful information about what to do after a taxi or rideshare accident in Alabama. 

Are Taxis and Rideshares Safe?  

According to The New York Times, taxis have fewer accidents than other vehicles. However, many legal experts believe that taxi accidents cause more severe injuries than other collisions. People are far less likely to wear seatbelts in taxis. Taxis also have solid partitions that can cause additional injuries if someone slams into them during a crash. 

Rideshares are newer than taxis, so the research on rideshare accidents is just beginning. The existing information shows that introducing rideshare services into a city causes the accident rate to jump. Uber and Lyft drivers have no special training, so they are likely to engage in the same behaviors that cause other drivers to get into accidents

What Should I Do After a Taxi Accident or Rideshare Accident? 

After an accident in a taxi or rideshare, you should follow the steps you would after any car accident, including calling 911, taking pictures, and collecting witness names and contact information. After a taxi accident, you should also get: 

  • The taxi driver’s name and driver’s license information.
  • The taxi’s number and license plate.
  • The name of the taxicab company.
  • The taxi company’s insurance information. 

After a rideshare accident, get the insurance information for the driver and the rideshare company. If you are an Uber or Lyft passenger, use the app to report the accident immediately. Be sure to note the time of the accident. 

What Kind of Damages Can I Get After a Taxi or Rideshare Accident? 

After being injured in a taxi or rideshare accident, you can recover economic damages to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses. You can also recover damages for pain, suffering, and other emotional distress caused by the crash. 

Also, the law holds them to a higher standard because taxi and rideshare services make money by transporting people. So, if you are a passenger in a taxi, Uber, or Lyft, in addition to recovering damages from the accident, you can also recover damages for injuries resulting from actions such as 

  • Driving away before you are safely seated.
  • Closing a door on you.
  • Attempting to pick you up or unload you in an unsafe location or manner. 

An Alabama injury attorney can tell you more about the injuries and actions that qualify for compensation. 

Who Is Responsible for My Injuries After a Taxi Accident or Rideshare Accident?

Many different people or parties can be responsible for your injuries after an Alabama taxi or Uber accident. 

Alabama Taxi Accidents

Many parties can be responsible for Alabama taxi accidents. These include 

  • The taxi driver.
  • Another driver or drivers.
  • The taxi company.
  • The company is responsible for maintaining the taxis.

Alabama Uber or Lyft Accidents

The responsibility for an Alabama rideshare accident depends on what the driver was doing at the time of the accident.

  • The driver is on duty and carrying a passenger – In this scenario, the rideshare company’s highest insurance policy will cover the damages. 
  • The driver is on duty but not yet carrying a passenger – The rideshare company’s policy will also cover the damages, but the policy limits will be lower. 
  • The driver is not on duty – If the driver has logged out of the app and is making a personal trip, the rideshare company’s policy will not apply. But you can still file a claim against the driver’s insurance policy, just as in any accident. 

Both Taxi and Rideshare Accidents

In either a taxi or a rideshare accident, people or parties other than drivers can be responsible.  

  • The taxi or rideshare company could be responsible if it did not exercise proper care in hiring or supervising its drivers. 
  • A government agency can be responsible if a poor road design or maintenance failure caused the accident. This is also true for failure to properly place or maintain signs, lane dividers, and other safety devices. 
  • The manufacturers of defective cars or car parts. 

An Alabama accident attorney can help determine who might be responsible for your injuries. 

How Can An Alabama Accident Attorney Help Me After a Taxi Accident or Rideshare Accident?

An Alabama accident attorney can help you in several ways after a taxi or rideshare accident. An experienced Alabama accident attorney can

  • Investigate your accident.
  • Determine which person or company was responsible for the accident.
  • Calculate your economic and non-economic damages.
  • Negotiate a fair settlement to cover your accident expenses. 

Don’t hesitate to contact Collins Law, LLC if you need legal representation after a taxi or Uber accident. Our firm’s founder, April H. Collins has been recognized as one of Alabama’s accident attorneys.  Our team strives to treat every client like family while working to get each person the compensation they deserve. Call 205-588-1411 or use our website’s online scheduling tool to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. 

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