Slip-and-Fall Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama

If you were recently injured in a slip-and-fall accident, your injuries may have been caused by the property owner’s negligence. A slip-and-fall lawyer in Birmingham, AL, may be able to help you pursue recovery for damages and negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party. 

Collins Law provides comprehensive legal services to victims of slip-and-fall accidents. We can examine the facts of your case, help you file a claim against the insurance company, and negotiate a settlement to get you fair compensation.

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Types of Slip and Fall Cases We Handle

Slip and fall accidents occur regularly in public places and businesses throughout Birmingham. As such, they can cause severe injuries that affect you for life. Therefore, you should not settle for a low offer from the insurance company. A slip-and-fall lawyer can help you get the maximum compensation for your losses.

Some of the slip-and-fall cases that Collins Law can represent you include:

  • Slippery floors or surfaces.
  • Structural damage.
  • Potholes in the sidewalk or parking lot.
  • Clutter throughout the building.
  • Safety code violations.
  • Walkways or steps without handrails.
  • Lack of proper signage.

If you believe the property owner is at fault for your injuries, call us today at (205) 881-0403 for a free case review.

How a Slip and Fall Lawyer May Be Able to Help You

A Collins Law slip and fall lawyer may be able to help with your case in the following ways:

Handle Insurance and Legal Processes

A slip-and-fall lawyer can help you file claims, retrieve documents, communicate with insurance companies, and manage the legal process.

Gather Evidence to Establish Who Was at Fault

A slip-and-fall lawyer may seek the following types of evidence that establish fault and liability:

  • Official report.
  • Eyewitness statements.
  • Photo or videos of the accident.
  • Medical documents and receipts.
  • Proof of lost pay.

Seek Expert Testimony

Medical experts and other witnesses can testify about the cause of your accident or the extent of your injuries.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement with the Insurance Company

We can negotiate a settlement with the insurance company by presenting evidence of fault and liability.

File a Lawsuit

If you cannot reach a fair settlement with the insurance company, a slip-and-fall lawyer may file a lawsuit to pursue compensation for your damages.

Damages You Can Claim in a Slip and Fall Accident

Damages you can claim in a slip and fall accident include:

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses include a visit to the ER, disability, medication, surgical procedures, and follow-up visits to the doctor. 

Lost Wages or Benefits

You may recover lost wages and loss of future earning capacity, including loss of benefits and pension.

Noneconomic Damages

You may also be eligible to claim noneconomic damages such as emotional distress, pain & suffering, loss of consortium, or reduced quality of life.

The Statute of Limitation in Alabama

Alabama imposes a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases under Ala, including slip and fall accident cases. Code § 6-2-38. Therefore, it is important that you work with your slip-and-fall lawyer to file your lawsuit before the deadline

If you fail to file a lawsuit within two years, you may be unable to take legal action against the at-fault party. We can help you file your claim and manage your case to ensure you adhere to all legal guidelines. 

Get Help from a Slip-and-Fall Lawyer in Birmingham, Alabama

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident, Collins Law is here to help you with your case. We will fight for your legal rights so that you can get a fair settlement from the insurance company. 

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