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The 13 steps that happen in a typical Alabama car accident case

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you might have a lot of questions. “How long will it take for me to heal?” “How much will the doctor’s visits...
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Pain and Suffering Damages After an Alabama Car Accident: What To Know

Car accidents cause injuries. Injuries lead to medical bills, lost wages, and other financial losses. Most people know that if another driver injures them, they are entitled to recover money...
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Understanding the Fundamentals of Compensation for Car Accident Claims

A traffic accident was reported every 3 minutes and 55 seconds in Alabama in 2020. These were the average stats reported by Drive Safe Alabama. Do you need compensation for a car...
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Your Guide to Different Types of Personal Injury Cases in Birmingham, AL

Did you know that 2.6 million people are injured at their jobs in the United States every year? Millions of others are injured in car accidents. There are many different types of...
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3 Mistakes to Avoid With a Pain and Suffering Claim

There were 32,600 workplace injuries and illnesses in Alabama in 2021, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you've suffered an accident, a pain and suffering claim could help you get...
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How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take in Birmingham, AL

There are nearly 5 million auto accidents in the United States every year that warrant medical attention for injuries. It is up to the victims to seek compensation for expenses related to...
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What are the most common car accident injuries? An injury lawyer explains

Car accident injuries are a serious matter. In 2020, nearly 5 million people were injured in car accidents in the United States. The picture was similar in Alabama where roughly...
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Should I hire a personal injury lawyer after a minor car accident?

If your car was hit by a semi-truck, you wouldn’t think twice about calling an injury lawyer.  Trucking accidents usually cause serious injuries and severe property damage. You’d probably call...
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Answering 20 Commonly Asked Questions in Alabama Personal Injury Cases

Since opening, Collins Law, LLC has served hundreds of clients throughout Birmingham, Jefferson County, and the rest of Alabama. While every case is unique, over the years we’ve seen that...
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