How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

Are you wondering whether or not a personal injury lawyer could benefit you? This is how hiring a lawyer can help you get the justice you deserve.

Do you know Alabama has a two-year statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case? So if you’re not at fault with injuries from a car crash or at the job, the time to hire a personal injury lawyer is now.

Are you thinking about taking up your own personal injury case? Do you have a viable case or know how to file a lawsuit? A personal injury attorney from Collins Law understands the challenges of your personal injury lawsuit.  

Reading this personal injury lawyer guide is the first step to getting compensation for your injuries. Understanding the benefits of a Collins Law personal injury lawyer can help heal your mental and emotional wounds. So let Collins Law be your legal voice. 

1) A Personal Injury Lawyer Evaluates Your Case

Collins Law attorneys understand the emotional and physical grief you’re going through. But, we professionally assess each personal injury case. That way, you know the particular challenges facing your personal injury lawsuit. 

Were you partially at fault? Then, to win your case, our personal injury attorneys establish clear liability. But you might not have a viable personal injury lawsuit if you were at fault. Read our personal injury section for more about personal injury cases. 

2) We Speak with the Insurance Providers

We know that it might seem intimidating speaking to insurance providers. But, you need to help cover your medical costs. A Collins Law personal injury lawyer deals with insurance providers on your behalf. 

If you believe your injuries are minor, it’s wise to seek medical attention. Sometimes post-accident injuries emerge that might sometimes prove fatal. Unfortunately, there were 35 million visits to the emergency room in 2018 for injuries.  

Also, immediately visiting the doctor creates a record of your injuries. These documents are solid legal evidence that bolsters your personal injury lawsuit. 

3) Collins Law Builds Your Case

You need evidence to get compensation via a settlement or court victory. A Collins Law personal injury lawyer gathers the requisite evidence. 

Did you file a police report? What about getting witness statements? A police report, if necessary, and witness statements influence your injury case, like medical records. We can get these reports and statements on your behalf. 

Does your car from the crash need repairs? What about your damaged personal property? Having Collins Law on your case means we follow up with these vital estimates. And yes, these repairs factor into the overall compensation. 

4) We Can File a Lawsuit

Remembering to file a lawsuit before the deadline and other paperwork is Collins Law’s concern, not yours. When you hire a lawyer from Collins Law, we manage the paperwork while you recover. 

5) We Present Your Case 

In reality, only a fraction of personal injury cases don’t settle. Collins Law handles the discovery of your personal injury case. And if it makes it to trial, you can rely on our expertise to help get you compensation.

More on a Personal Injury Lawyer   

Collins Law is ready to be your legal voice in the Birmingham, AL, area. But we also serve other parts of the Heart of Dixie. We’re ready to champion personal injury victims in Homewood, Huntsville, and more. 

Besides car crashes, you can hire a lawyer for commercial vehicle accidents, slips and falls, and wrongful death cases. We also deal with premises liability affairs. 

Are you ready to hire a personal injury lawyer? Contact us to review your personal injury case.