Calculating Personal Injury Compensation in Madison Cases

When it comes to personal injury cases in Alabama, determining your case’s worth involves carefully considering various factors. Calculating compensation is not a one-size-fits-all approach—it requires assessing specific details to arrive at a fair and accurate amount.

At Collins Law, we pride ourselves on thoroughly reviewing the details of every case to ensure each client receives proper compensation for their injuries and damages.

If you have suffered or become injured due to another person’s negligence, you should understand how much compensation you are entitled to. Even a single bone fracture can set you back thousands of dollars, and it is your right to expect fair and equitable compensation for your injuries.

Attorney April Collins can help you understand the key elements that contribute to calculating compensation in Alabama personal injury cases.

Medical Expenses

Your compensation often covers medical bills resulting from the injury. This encompasses immediate medical costs, ongoing treatments, surgeries, medications, and any future medical care required.

When you work with Collins Law, our expert legal team will work to lower your medical bills so you can take home a more significant portion of your settlement.

Lost Income

The impact on your income is a significant factor. Compensation can account for wages lost due to the injury preventing you from working while you heal. It can also account for potential future earnings if your ability to work is affected.

Pain and Suffering

Assigning a value to pain and suffering is complex, but it is an essential part of compensation. Attorney April Collins will consider physical pain, emotional distress, and the injury’s overall toll on your well-being when calculating these damages.

Property Damage

If your property sustained damage or loss during the accident, your compensation may also include the cost of repairs or replacement. Examples include vehicle damage or damage to an expensive item inside the vehicle because of the crash.

Rehabilitation and Therapy

If your injury requires rehabilitation or ongoing therapy, Attorney April Collins will factor these costs into the compensation calculation. If your injuries require modification of your living space, like installing railings in the bathroom to assist with balance and mobility, that will be factored into the compensation as well.

Future Medical Expenses

Your personal injury compensation will also include anticipated future medical expenses, such as long-term treatments or surgeries.

Emotional Distress

Serious emotional distress like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, nightmares, and an inability to sleep or work effectively after the incident might also contribute to your compensation.

Expert Opinions

Testimonies from expert witnesses—such as medical professionals or accident reconstruction specialists—can influence your settlement.

Impact on the Quality of Life

Attorney April Collins will consider how much the injury affects your ability to enjoy life, engage in activities, and perform daily tasks when calculating a fair settlement.

Legal Fees

At Collins Law, we work on a contingency basis, meaning we only get paid if we win your case. By working on a contingency basis, we can get to work right away without you having to worry about paying any out-of-pocket fees.

Settlement vs. Trial

The point at which your case is resolved—through settlement or trial—can affect compensation. Settlements may provide quicker resolution, and going to trial can affect legal fees due to the extra work required.

How Does the Contributory Negligence Law Factor into Calculating Compensation?

Alabama follows a contributory negligence system, which means you may not be eligible for compensation if you are found even slightly responsible for the accident. This strict negligence law is one reason why working with an experienced personal injury lawyer like April Collins is a good idea, so she can apply her knowledge to build your case.

Get Help Seeking Fair Compensation from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Madison

Calculating personal injury compensation in Alabama cases involves examining the unique aspects of your situation. It is crucial to consult an experienced personal injury attorney like April Collins, who can analyze the specific details of your case, consider all relevant factors, and guide you toward an appropriate compensation amount. With her expertise, you can pursue a fair settlement that addresses the full impact of your injuries and losses.

To schedule a consultation with a professional personal injury lawyer in Madison, contact us at Collins Law today!