4 Types of Truck Accidents in Birmingham, AL

In 2021 alone, there were nearly 6,000 fatal accidents involving large trucks.

If you’re in an accident with a truck, there’s a greater risk of serious injury and even death compared to a typical car accident. Going through such a life-changing event is overwhelming any way you look at it, but different types of truck accidents yield different end results.

In this post, we’re going to go over 4 common types of truck accidents to give you a better idea of how to handle yours.

1. Rear-End

Rear-end accidents are the most prevalent type of truck accident. Either a truck will fail to stop on time and drive into the back of a car or the other way around. The former can be incredibly dangerous simply because commercial trucks are among the largest vehicles on the road, capable of costly damage.

Common causes of rear-end accidents involve driver negligence or reckless driving. Truck drivers also tend to work long hours, making it hard to stay alert in every situation. Drowsy driving can cause similar impairments as drunk driving, such as delayed reaction time.

If the driver isn’t paying attention to what’s happening in front of them, or they’re too tired to drive safely, they may not be able to slow down and stop quickly enough.

2. Rollover

Rollovers are far less common, but far more devastating when it comes to injuries and financial damage. There’s a reason that truck drivers need all the training that they do – it’s difficult to drive a tractor-trailer.

If a driver goes around a bend too quickly or takes a turn too sharply, the trailer can tip and fall over. It becomes more likely when a driver is inexperienced or negligent, or if the trailer was improperly loaded.

When a trailer tips, multiple vehicles could be at risk. Depending on what the truck is transporting, there’s also the risk of fire or dangerous chemicals on the road, putting other drivers and buildings in grave danger.

3. Side-Swiping

Visibility for truck drivers is never great, despite the large side mirrors that they have. You often see truck drivers signal and start to move over when there are cars next to them. This is a relatively common occurrence and one of the top causes of side-swiping accidents.

When a truck driver fails to check for other drivers before switching lanes, they can run cars off the road. Side impacts for these smaller vehicles can be deadly, especially when there are barriers or subsequent lanes of traffic.

If you’re side-swiped by a commercial vehicle, you should think about hiring a truck accident lawyer to take legal action. If the truck driver was negligent, you should be compensated for your troubles.

4. Veering Into Other Lanes

As road conditions change, you may see truckers veer into other lanes dangerously. You never want to be the car nearby when this happens. You’ll have to act fast to avoid a collision.

These accidents happen because a driver is going too fast or they’re not paying attention to road signs. It’s a common issue with inexperienced drivers or those who are driving tired or under the influence.

Get an Attorney for Truck Accidents

These common truck accidents could happen to anyone. If you find yourself involved in one, consider speaking with a truck accident lawyer right away. Dealing with commercial vehicle accidents can get complicated quickly and having a legal expert on your side will help you get the compensation you deserve.

At Collins Law, we’ve been helping Birmingham drivers fight for fair settlements to compensate for their medical bills, property damage, and missed wages. The fallout of a truck accident is never easy, but contact us for a free consultation and we’ll see if we can help you navigate this tricky scenario.